Are you a social justice advocate? An activist? A movement builder? Do you work to serve others, transform systems, and make a difference in the world? How do you find time to reconnect with your purpose? How do you develop your capacity to serve out of a sustainable place of love? How do you nurture faith, hope, and resilience in the face of suffering and hardship?


When you choose a path of service, it is often a direct response to feeling connected to some entity greater than your self. Tending to your spiritual life will help you to discover the deepest roots of this connection, tap into the restorative and life-giving forces of love and compassion, and connect with gratitude, simplicity, and joy.

The Praxis Program by Still Harbor is a nine-month intentional learning opportunity for individuals committed to integrating spirituality into their work on behalf of equality and justice.

Still Harbor provides a neutral place, process, and partner along the spiritual journey of life. The Praxis Program offers a unique opportunity for those who are specifically longing to find deeper meaning and connection in their activist or service work through spiritual learning, practice, and accompaniment.

Participants will get to know one another, engage in deep reflection and discussion regarding the role of spirituality in making change in the world, and develop greater awareness of the sustaining and inspiring role spirituality can play in the world today. A certificate will be granted upon completion of the program.


Two lead facilitators will guide participants through the customized curriculum, allowing you to explore spiritual beliefs and practices at the core of a variety of historical and present day social movements, leadership practices, and theoretical frameworks for equality and activism.

In addition to thought-provoking readings, videos, group discussion, guided personal reflection, engaged service, and community contemplative practice, the program will host guests occasionally throughout the year.

The Praxis Program offers residential and non-residential tracks. The core structure for all participants (residents and non-residents) includes opening, mid-year, and closing retreats, two four-hour sessions a month, and monthly one-on-one spiritual accompaniment. In addition, participants will be encouraged to personally explore different forms of activism, service, and other contemplative practices between meetings.

Participants in the Praxis Program may earn Sabbath Hours from Andover Newton Theological School in recognition of their continuing education. Contact us at for details.